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Nova Bridge Capital is a real estate investment product of the Novarius Group (Novarius Consulting LTD UK) specialized in the creation of high quality investment products.

Why Invest in Mexico?

Market Investigation

John Doe

The economic and real estate market in Mexico is very positive. High mortgage rates (between 8% and 18%), housing demand, and the high credit default rate offer Nova Bridge Capital a very dynamic market.

Jane Helf

The Mexican real estate banking secondary market, in which Nova Bridge Capital works, created by the recurring default on mortgage loans from Mexican clients, represents a current value of overdue loans of more than $ 2 billion.

Joshua Insanus

The banks in Mexico expect this year more than 1.4 million loans for housing, 63% of them dedicated to the acquisition of a home, representing a 6.4% increase compared to 2015.

Investment Zones
Investment zones known in Mexico and abroad

Mexico and its investment area

Benefits to invest in Mexico
Know what is a competitive advantage in investment

Real estate investment

After an international certification period, Nova Bridge Capital has validated the creation of a new investment model of excellence for its selected international clients. The first and unique peculiarity of this financial product is to offer an instrument in which the client is offered security

From the investment agreement to the return on investment, Nova Bridge Capital assures its clients total transparency and complete security.

  • Outsourcing of processes and services.
  • Certification of real estate rights acquired.
  • Management of the investor portfolio.


  • WAY:
    Escrow / Trust.
  • TYPE:
    Private Equity Fund aimed at foreign and national investors selected on objective criteria.
    Investment in the secondary banking sector.
  • Inversion in US dollars/Euros/MXM of investment and guarantee.
  • High yields and interests.
  • Total security and permanent capital and interest.
  • Personalized economic offer.
    Mexican secondary bank market.
    Real Estate residential with a strong capital gain.
    Mexico city and the State of Mexico.
    Touristic zones (Caribbean, Pacific).
    Industrial zones (stategic cities).

Our investment model


Products adjudicated originated by a bank credit (Residential property).


Products adjudicated originated by a bank credit (Land + unfinished construction).


Products awarded with a real estate developer (Residential properties or terrain + unfinished construction).


Joint Venture with real estate builders.


Products adjudicated and marketed by the Federal Government (Real Estate residential).


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